quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2009

Holly propaganda

Come be our sheep
be part of the herd
we'll put you to sleep
for heaven's reward

Let us take control
of your peety litle life
you'll bleed for us all
trought our sharped knife

If you don't believe
you will be condemned
and never achieve
his full demands

And such is his will
for you to obey
trought our long pockets
hell won't be your way

You owe us your money
your family, your air
you'll pay for it all
you will pay your share

For our words are his'
and our will is great
bring redemption we will
oh, you won't regreat

Come for the light
come for forgiveness
pay for your soul
have fear for his hollyness

Bubbas mc'Walters

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